Operational Status Update: COVID-19

Our current operational status 13/04/2020 – We continue to be able to provide our full range of products of services and offer the following options to reduce site visits whilst still maintaining regulatory compliance. A summary as follows:

VALIDATION KITS – Biomap offers a range of temperature qualification services and reminds our customers of the validation kits we offer for remote delivery. Providing the same comprehensive protocols as if we were attending site but supplying a full self-install kit comprising of the mapping devices, consumables, instructions, and full placement plan. This is supported by telephone and video conferences where required. Alternatively, clients can just purchase batches of calibrated data loggers as required.

CALIBRATION – We continue to receive client devices for calibration in-house which are being processed as normal. For calibration of monitoring systems at client sites, we continue to offer site visits with additional H&S Risk Assessments and engineers wearing full PPE. We also offer the option of clients returning the devices to Biomap in two batches (to avoid a period of no monitoring) with express turnaround times.

CONTINUOUS MONITORING SYSTEMS – System installs are still being carried out via site visit with the offer of engineers in full PPE. Further precautions can include us only supporting the technical installation phase and supporting the monitoring device placement and training via video conference.

LABCOLD FRIDGES & FREEZERS – Labcold continues to offer their full range of laboratory-grade products as an essential service so they are currently available as normal.

With our very best regards, 

Kane Edgeworth

Commercial Director