About Us

Based in Park Royal, West London, Biomap works exclusively in the Life Sciences industry providing a wide range of products and services specifically designed to fit with industry regulation.

We have experience of working with the World’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies, implementing multi level Route Qualification and Temperature Mapping programmes as well as installing fully validated 21CFR Part 11 compliant monitoring systems.

Close to two decades, we have worked hard to provide a concentrated portfolio of service-based solutions and temperature monitoring hardware and software packages. Specialising in industry compliance, all products and services have been developed to support clients with regulatory demands from organisations such as the EU, MHRA, HPRA, FDA & USP.

Our Partners

We have carefully curated our services and product offering to ensure quality and confidence in our expertise. This includes choosing very specific partners to work with and we are proud to be UK distributors for the Hanwell and Cryopak.

By choosing to work with our selected partners, we are able to provide clients with a comprehensive platform of products and services to support the demands of industry regulation, all from one vendor.

Hanwell and Cryopak - Hanwell Pro

Our Services

Biomap offers a full suite of services to support the demands of regulatory temperature compliance within the Life Science Industry.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature Mapping - Hanwell Lite
Temperature monitor starter - Find out more

Calibration Serivce

Calibration Service - Hanwell Lite
Calibration Service - Find out more

Shipping Studies

Calibration Service - Hanwell LiteCalibration Service - Find out more

Packaging Qualification

Calibration Service - Hanwell Lite
Calibration Service - Find out more

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