Adhering to good distribution practices is imperative for any company storing or shipping pharmaceutical products. As with storage, your in-transit environments should be qualified and monitored carefully. We work with you to identify your specific shipping needs and assess the temperature conditions and potential risks to your goods during transit via specific lanes. Biomap delivers a shipping studies report with specific recommendations and trend analysis that can be used to support your Standard Operating Procedures.

For every other part of the shipping process to run smoothly, it is essential to understand the temperature profile of each specific shipping lane. A shipping study is an important tool and will account for variables such as weather conditions, transit modes, timings and routes, amongst other things.

The data collected can pinpoint potential risk areas and can be used to determine what ongoing monitoring requirements are necessary. As well as ensuring the safety of your product, the data gathered from shipping studies can provide large cost savings to your business.

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Our industry presents a lot of regulations & guidelines around the requirements of temperature control & monitoring, it outlines what has to be done but not how it’s achieved; Biomap helps you take the guess work out of what’s required.

Biomap is happy to assist, whatever your needs: from single domestic routes to recording multiple international lanes using various shipping methods. We recommend that the shipping study takes place over the course of 12 months, allowing sufficient data collection of the variables of weather conditions and other ‘uncontrollables’. Reports are provided at agreed intervals during the course of each project.

Outsourcing your shipping study ensures minimal disruption to your daily business and provides clarity and essential data for regulatory purposes.

Would you like to know more about our Shipping Studies service?