As the industry regulations have matured, the level of scrutiny in Cold Chain compliance has increased resulting in companies committing more time and resource to temperature monitoring in the supply chain.

Biomap can offer a range of technologies and products to support the most basic information requirement through to detailed audit trails of temperature data, all required to aid in the decision making process of product acceptance.

Continuous Monitoring Systems

We provide continuous monitoring systems, that offer scalable environmental temperature monitoring which can be used from one to multiple facilities across the world.

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Data Loggers

We work with Cryopak to bring you the best data loggers in the industry

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Vehicle Monitoring Systems

We’re pleased to offer the Transcan Advance Vehicle Monitoring System – the world’s most widely used road transport temperature monitoring device.

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Labcold Fridges & Freezers

As a distributor for Labcold Fridges & Freezers, we’re pleased to bring you a custom range of products for all Pharmaceutical and Laboratory environments.

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