Biomap’s packaging qualification service offers controlled chamber testing to accommodate the required thermal profiles based upon expected use. Different load states and configurations can be tested simultaneously and other data parameters such as vibration and drop testing can also be considered alongside temperature.

Choosing the most suitable packaging solution for your requirements can be a challenging process. Factors such as size, passive or active options, required temperature ranges, anticipated external temperature exposure and the maximum time temperature control is required for are just some examples. Once a solution is chosen, the qualification status and proof of suitability also has to be considered.

Ensuring correct conditions are maintained during transit is important for both quality and regulatory purposes. Biomap’s service will provide documented evidence of the packages performance under specific test conditions – bringing peace of mind that the solution is fit for purpose.

We study a variety of variables, including:

  • Packages of any type or size
  • Active and passive packaging systems
  • Cold chain, frozen, dry ice and temperature solutions

We monitor packages for exposure to:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shock/Drop
  • Vibration



Interested in our Packaging Qualification Service?

Qualifying temperature controlled packaging can be a time consuming and requires resource that not all companies have. Biomaps solution provides documentation support, detailed reporting and access to climatic chambers for almost any profile choice.

Building Profiles

At the outset detailed protocols are presented for review, followed by the testing phase and a full report of the data and findings. Having agreed beforehand the temperature profile required for the package, we produce a report that illustrates and documents the performance of each packaging type. We work with you to find the specific requirements for each packaging design, however, standards such as ISTA procedure 7E (2010) “Testing Standard for Thermal Transport Packaging Used in Parcel Delivery System Shipment”, can be a good starting point and modified to build the required profile.

Interested in our Packaging Qualification Service?