KTSR200 – Radio Slot

Seven Telematics Pharma Rigid Kit

The Transcan Advance provides clear, precise and meaningful temperature data to protect your products integrity when it matters most. The KTSR200 Radio Slot  is 188mm long, 70mm wide and 50mm high.

This is the Rigid (DIN slot) unit on it’s own.

Up to 8 independent temperature sensor inputs
Up to 8 switch inputs (e.g door, defrost, fridge power and user defined)
Humidity sensor
Clear visibility of out-of-range alarms through 8 temperature alarm sets
Physical printed numerical & graphical proof of temperature through delivery tickets, journey tickets and multi-day printouts
Noiseless, high speed thermal printing through single print button
Solid state memory – to store up to 2 years of temperature data when collected through 8 probes
Enhanced blue on black OLED display to make it much easier to read the screen
USB port to easily download temperature data onto any PC
A. KTSR200
B. KL-1246 Mounting Cage Kit Rigid
C. KL-1466: Cable Accs. Power for Trailer
D. PS-0258: Connector 8-way
E. PS-0200/18-S: Probe Air 18 Metre Screened
F. DE-1461: Cable Assembly (Power) for Trailer
G. PS-0200/06-S: Probe 6 metre Screened