Case Study

Temperature mapping for Ambe Medical Group

The Client

Ambe Medical Group (AMG) is one of the UK’s leading MHRA approved route to market wholesalers of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Since 1999 AMG have continued to expand to serve the ever increasing needs of the UK’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. With over 10 years of experience in this dynamic and complex industry, AMG has strived to deliver an excellent customer service that is flexible yet also meets specific customer needs.

As part of AMG’s rapid growth, significant investment was put into a new state of the art facility in Edenbridge, Kent, housing major storage and picking areas as well as the full commercial and operations resource.

The Requirement

Critical to the new facilities regulatory compliance requirements, AMG needed to be able to demonstrate the ability to provide robust storage environments within required temperature ranges across all product storage areas. Biomap proposed a solution and provided a comprehensive protocol documenting the suggested approach to map the Main Warehouse, Pickface and Controlled Drug Storage areas in both Winter and Summer. In addition Biomap also supplied a compliant wireless monitoring & alarm system to provide an ongoing, flexible temperature and humidity recording system.

The Results

A full temperature mapping exercise was conducted with mapping probes positioned throughout the facilities product storage areas. Comprehensive reports for each environment were produced including full graphical and summary data as well as detailed analysis of the facility performance backed by calibration certification for all the hardware used. The report analysis also included qualified recommendations for the exact position of each continuous monitoring probe to guarantee ongoing coverage of the highest risk areas.

’We had invested significantly in a new facility and as part of our commitment to regulatory and quality compliance needed the right partner to deliver a robust approach to delivering our temperature compliance demands.

Biomap did an excellent job in qualifying our requirements and delivering the work in time for our new license inspection. We regularly present the reports and monitoring system in audits and I am happy to recommend the services of Biomap.

— Sandeep Patel - Group Director, Ambe Medical Group