Case Study

Pharmafreight – Temperature Controlled Vehicles

The Client

Pharmafreight is a group of specialist freight forwarding companies, all working to GDP, to ensure the characteristics of any medicinal product carried on their services do not changes whilst in their care. It was established back in 2001, with its aim to be the first true pharma specialist, working to the same regulations which the pharma industry has to.

Pharmafreight currently operates in 26 countries through its network of licensed partners. All partners are trained in GDP and audited to the standard by an independent auditor. Many of its operations hold licences from their national health authorities to store and distribute medicines.

The Requirement

Pharmafreight operates a compact fleet of dedicated temperature controlled vehicles for the sole use of transporting Pharmaceutical products throughout Europe. A number of newly acquired vehicles required temperature performance qualification to cGxP standards. Biomap was approached to propose a solution, and after qualifying the requirements, provided a comprehensive protocol documenting our suggested approach.

Biomaps proposal recommended mappings of vehicles in an empty state followed by mappings with load (product) and that consideration should be given to Summer and Winter projects as well as ongoing temperature monitoring practices. A power down impact test was also included to simulate worse case scenarios during Ferry crossings.


Four vehicles were mapped for a period of 72 hours, and a two hour power down impact test was completed on each vehicle during the mapping term. Biomap collected the data and produced comprehensive reports for each vehicle designed to support Pharmafreight’s internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and overall regulatory requirements. Reports included Performance Analysis, Summary Reports, Multi Graphs and detailed diagrams of logger placement.

Biomap was appointed as Pharmafreight’s vendor in this mapping exercise after it was obvious the individuals involved in the company had a real understanding of what we needed to achieve from both an operational and regulatory standpoint.

Throughout the whole experience, Biomap continued to exceed our expectations in terms of both communication of the objectives met and the final reports received. Biomap has set the bar very high for other providers of its kind, and Pharmafreight had no hesitation in appointing the company as its critical supplier for all of its existing and future mapping requirements.

— Andy Hughes – Commercial Director, Pharmafreight UK